Visiting Before Birth

   Written by on July 24, 2014 at 11:24 am

Don’t forget to play and interact with your baby before he arrives.  That’s right, by the time you are pregnant, you should begin thinking about and making plans to get to know your baby and to help him get to know you.

logo-wee-notesThere are ways to do this.  Is there a time of day when you are more likely to have the opportunity to be still and spend a few quiet moments with the wonder of the developing baby growing inside you?  Try to make a time that is the most likely for you to be relaxed.  It could mean that you must set your alarm fifteen minutes earlier than you would normally get up to get ready for work.

Possibly you may need to use the last fifteen minutes of the day as your time to connect with your wee one.  If you already have a child, it may be that you use her naptime to visit and get to know your current pregnancy.

Whenever you decide to add this activity to your day, try to make it as important a part of the day as any other.  You will not only be nurturing your baby, but yourself, as well.  Turn off all phones and televisions.  Soothing music can be very relaxing for many women.  Find a place where you will be comfortable and the least likely to be disturbed.

Take a few minutes to focus and relax.  Feel gratitude that you have a healthy pregnancy.  If you are having problems, visualize the baby healthy and surrounded by your love.  See your baby waiting to join you and your loved ones when the time is right.

Let go of stress by consciously breathing in through your nose everything good and positive.  Pretend to be gently blowing out a candle with everything negative in you.  Spend a few minutes relaxing the tensions in your body beginning with your feet and legs, then your torso, arms, shoulders, and neck.  When you reach your head, relax your eyes, your face, your mouth, and your jaw.


Now that you have cleansed your body of negative energy, repeat in your mind for a minute or two:  Calm and peaceful, beautiful and warm, or some other thought.  You may find it helpful to picture yourself in a place that brings positive feelings.

Now, rub or pat your tummy.  Should the baby kick, try gently pushing back on the baby.  Wait.  If the baby moves again, push again.  If the music has a good beat, try patting your belly to that beat.  After a few weeks, you may notice a pattern.  The baby may even seem to be anticipating your quiet time together.

The goal isn’t to go to sleep, but should you drift off for a few minutes, that is fine. After your quiet time, slowly return to your activities.  If it is the end of your day, you may find it is easier to fall asleep after your quiet time.  And, after all, what’s wrong with that?!

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