The Difference in Flu and the Epizootics

   Written by on October 20, 2016 at 10:19 am

logo - stump countyWe learn so much from following the real world. I’ve been being annoyed with what we call here in Stump County a case of the golly-wobbles or the epizootics.  According to the real world golly-wobbles or the epizootics are actually the flu and are caused by a virus.

According to Stump County wisdom, which is about 100 years behind the real world,  golly-wobbles or the epizootics are caused by breathing swamp air, getting your head or feet wet on a cold day, or an evil humor floating in the air.

The treatment here is mixing a little of Ludd’s likker with lemon juice and honey, wrapping in blankets to sweat it out and chewing rabbit tobacco for the cough. For a few days you feel like a drowned cat and then you feel better.

In the real world we hear you can get a shot to protect you from the evil vapors that they call viruses. The funny thing is they claim there are different kinds of flu but the shots only protect you from a few, one from three of them and the other from four of them. So if you the the three shot you can get the other four and if you take the four shot you can get the other three and in both cases you can get the others.

If you get the flu you can take all sorts of stuff to make you feel better but just like the golly-wobbles or the epizootics in a few days you are going to be healthy again.

But here is the funny thing. In the real world if you get the flu some people will blame it on not getting the flu shot. BUT even more will blame it on getting your feet wet, going barefoot, getting your head wet on a cold day or something.

I guess the future isn’t as much ahead of Stump County as we thought.

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