School Board Votes Not to Renew Superintendent Leonard’s Contract

   Written by on January 11, 2018 at 2:34 pm

nancy LeonardCHARLOTTE COURT HOUSE – In the January meeting of the Charlotte County School Board an agenda item was added to the closed session agenda under personnel at the request of board member JonPaul Berkley.

Superintendent Nancy Leonard offered a presentation to the board on the increases in Charlotte County student’s test scores showing Charlotte County is testing well above the state averages in all areas. In the southside area, Charlotte and Appomattox are tied for the highest test scores.

The Board went into closed session to discuss personnel matters.  Following the closed session certification, a motion was made by JonPaul Berkley and seconded by Teresa Dunaway to “not renew” Superintendent Nancy Leonard’s contract on June 30, 2019.

In a roll call vote board members JonPaul Berkley, Teresa Dunaway, Jay George, Gloria Talbott and Robert Johnson voted in favor of the motion, with Henry Carwile and Larry Fannon voting against.

Larry Fannon Chairman of the Charlotte County School Board had the following comment on Dr. Leonard:

“As the Chairman of the Charlotte County School board I have had the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Nancy Leonard in finding solutions and alternatives to the issues affecting our school system.  These solutions have benefitted our schools and students and in turn have reduced the load on the school board.

“In all of our discussions Dr. Leonard has never wavered in her commitment to putting our students first. Her goal in every situation is ‘How is this going to benefit our students.’”

Superintendent Leonard said, “I am proud of the success of Charlotte County Schools over the past five years and will continue my commitment to our great team of educators and to the children of Charlotte County.”

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