Rape and excuses

   Written by on September 15, 2016 at 10:24 am

logo- government grumblingsIn the news this week are several stories about the University of Richmond and the girl who has filed a federal complaint regarding the school’s responses to her rape allegations.

And of course everyone remembers the UVA rape story in Rolling Stone magazine that was later proven to be fictional.

Although the UVA story was fictional it revealed a major flaw in our country’s character regarding rape. It revealed that in America many men and women do not consider rape actual rape unless the act is brutal and forcible. It also neglected that 38 percent of sexual assaults are against males.

The most upsetting thing about the Rolling Stone story is that although it was discussed and was a top story in all media nationwide one thing was missing from the conversation.

Not once did I hear anyone say, “That couldn’t have happened at MY fraternity.” Not once did anyone say, “That couldn’t have happened at MY school.” Not once did anyone say, “I don’t believe that could happen.”

The reason that story resonated with the American people is we all know rape happens on a regular basis, particularly on college campuses. The unanswered question is, Why aren’t we doing anything?

Why aren’t we teaching our sons and daughters to respect themselves and others? Why do we not teach our sons and daughters to avoid dangerous situations?

Our culture is consumed with stories of one-night stands, with drunken pickups, casual sex and affairs.

I am not preaching here. What two willing people do with each other, to each other, or for each other is none of my business.

However, it is all of our business when our sons and daughters (yes, it isn’t just women being raped) are being molested.

I have met many men and women who are consumed with sexual conquests. There is no relationship, no regard for their victim/partner. The only issue is their own gratification. They brag and we listen. We seldom criticize their behavior.

They use alcohol, drugs, coercion, lies and persuasion to achieve their goal. There is a T-shirt that reads, “Beer, helping ugly people get laid for 2000 years.”   If the only way you can be successful is to get someone mentally impaired it really says a lot about your character and ability.

I once asked a Frat guy who was bragging about his fraternity if he would invite his sister to a frat party. The answer was no unless he was with her every minute. I then asked what was going to happen when his future daughter wants to attend a party at HIS fraternity. He was appalled.

It is way past time for the adults, parents and administration at our colleges to take action.

Why don’t we have Rape Free Campuses?

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