Phenix Students Visit State Park

   Written by on July 6, 2017 at 9:32 am

PeltsThis summer, twenty-six Phenix students took a “Road Trip” and learned about four National Parks across the United States.  The Great Smoky Mountains, Yellowstone, Glacier Bay and Haleakala were highlighted during the “one week” trip.  Since the students were unable to actually visit these parks, a field trip to Staunton River Battlefield State Park was planned.  Park Ranger Jason Weaver gave a tour of the park pointing out animals and plants that lived there. He also told them of the various programs that the park offers to families throughout the year, many of which are free.

After the tour, the students attended a program given by the Soil and Water Conservation Office and the Extension Agency.  Mrs. Julie Hamlett and Mrs. Patricia Mays, along with Mr. Bob Jones, discussed habitats and animals with the children and ways in which animals protect themselves against predators.  A game of hide and seek was played during which the students had to look for hidden animals along a trail in the woods.  They soon discovered it was difficult to find some of the animals.  After the game, many animal pelts were shown and the children actually got to feel them.

This was a great experience for these students.  It is wonderful that area children have the opportunity to learn from so many organizations.  The Soil and Water Conservation Department, the Extention Agency and the state parks of Virginia are great resources for our students.

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