Mrs. Mary Louise Foster Sings on 90th Birthday!

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mary louise fosterOn December 10, 2017, Mary Louise Foster celebrated her 90th birthday at her new residence in Clarksville, Va.

The celebration was a joyous occasion that was attended by her family and friends.

Mrs. Foster entered the celebration room where family gathered behind closed doors to greet her in song. When she walked in, a thunderous applause and loud rendition of “Happy Birthday to You” filled the room to greet her and welcome her into the festivities of her special day.  She was so happy and amazed!

Mrs. Foster wore a beautiful holiday red and white sweater with matching scarf and was adorned with a gold “Happy Birthday” tiara on her beautiful head of silver hair.

Her celebration was hosted in a beautifully decorated room where all ate plenty of good food and where she was showered with many gifts and congratulatory wishes.

Mrs. Foster started the event by giving the opening prayer in which she expressed thanksgiving for the blessing of health, family and God’s faithfulness.  She ended the prayer in a joyous shout of

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mary Louise!  In addition, she sang her testimony in song with the hymn “He keeps on Blessing Me.”

The day of the celebration was sunny and bright even though we had just experienced our first snow fall of the season and some family had been without electricity, but even that did not stop them from coming to share in this special day with her.

Those attending were her brother James and sister Florence, sister-in- law, Margaret; sons, Robert, Sr. and Raymond; grandsons, Jamel and family of Tidewater, Dallas and family of Richmond and niece Diana and her husband, Zachariah Edwards of Richmond.

There were hours of fun catching up on the latest news, sharing old pictures, taking new pictures and “walks down memory lane.”

Mrs. Foster would love to keep in touch with her friends since her move to Clarksville and wants you to know to write or send cards to her new address:

Mary Louise Foster, c/o Sentara Meadow View Terrace, 184 Buffalo Road, Room 103 Clarksville, Va.  23927 and also call her at


She thanks all who attended and those who wanted to come but could not be there.  It means a lot to stay in touch with family and friends so please write and call.

A little something about Mary Louise

Mary Louise Foster was born on December 10, 1927 and is the oldest daughter of the late Russell “Ressie” Morton, Sr. and Louise Anderson Morton of Charlotte County.

She grew up in church and began singing in the church at the age of seven.

Mary’s love for singing old hymns has been a big part of her life through the years.  She often interrupts conversations with songs of encouragement about God’s faithfulness to His Beloved.  She and sister Florence are known to sing harmony which sounds totally awesome.

Mrs. Foster is a member of the St. Louis Baptist Church of Charlotte Court House and served there as a faithful member until her health prevented her from serving.  She served many positions including (you guessed it) member of the church choir where she often sang solos and old church songs that were the favorites of faithful and deceased church members like Mrs. Leah Braxton and Gertrude M. White.

Mrs. Foster loves attending her church revivals and would not miss a night of services if she could help it.

Mrs. Foster was educated in the Charlotte County school system and was married to the late Robert Foster, Sr.  They made their home in the county while farming and Mary Louise also worked in nearby counties as a factory worker and in later years she worked in Drakes Branch at the local drug store with Weldon Jones who is a wonderful friend. She did administrative duties in the Charlotte County Municipal offices of Charlotte Court House and was always there to help the elderly and anyone needing her help.

Robert and Mary Louise reared four beautiful children, Robert Sr., Raymond, Christine Marie (deceased) and Nelson Foster.

Mary Louise wishes all family, friends, loved ones a very blessed, safe, and prosperous new year!  Don’t forget to call and write, and with that being said, “she will close on that note!”

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