Lying Hillary Doll

   Written by on December 8, 2016 at 3:53 pm

In Smithfield, Rhode Island an 81 year old store owner is being harassed for displaying a “lyin Hillary doll.” He received the doll as a gift and hung it from a string in his store.

When you press the doll it repeats 18 Hillary quotes such as, “Not a single one of my emails was classified.” Or “I don’t believe I ever lied – to the public.” Or, “When I got off the plane in Bosnia I had to dodge sniper fire.”

logo- government grumblingsNow he is receiving hate mail accusing him of being hateful.

Some are offended because they have transmuted the string to a noose. They describe it as, as “a despicable display of misogyny,” a “public lynching display” and as being “hung by a noose.”

I have trouble making that transition. Besides, hanging or burning someone in effigy is a time honored and harmless way of showing disgust with a public figure.

I, on the other, hand am offended that they are offended. The lying doll only uses Hillary’s quotes. She lied, and still lies and the doll lies.

Of the respondents 88 percent approved of the doll and 12 percent were offended. I am offended that that once again a small vocal minority is attempting to attack a man who has done nothing wrong because they demand a world that is perfect by their standards even if their standards are offensive to the majority.

The majority of that minority who were offended has never been in the store, has never seen the doll, will never see the doll and wouldn’t have even seen a picture of the doll if one of their offended friends hadn’t shared it with them.   

If you want a lyin Hillary doll they are available on line for $24.99 plus S&H. I would have bought one but I am anticipating a “Lyin Hillary” 2.0 coming soon with  new and improved lies.

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