Letters to the Editor

   Written by on November 10, 2017 at 10:55 am

Ready to Work!

I wish to sincerely thank my opponent, Mr. Haywood Hamlet, on his steadfast determination and perseverance throughout this demanding campaign.  I acknowledge his many years of service to the citizens of Charlotte County.  I also wish to thank my many friends and supporters for their time and dedication to winning this campaign.  To those who did not vote for me, I hope we can move forward together as a team to tackle the many problems and concerns of the Aspen/Phenix district.  Your views, thoughts, guidance, and ideas are valuable to me and I want to engage across the board with everyone to develop the best solutions to benefit our families and communities. As I spoke with residents across the district, I learned a great deal and I will work hard to address the issues that you have shared with me.  I hope to meet many of you during my upcoming town hall meetings, so that we can have routine communications and feedback.  I look forward to serving you, the hard-working citizens of the Aspen/Phenix district.  I hope to work alongside you, bringing about the changes needed for a stronger economic base, improved education funding, enhanced access to technology, and more transparency and accountability from your county government.  Thanks again for your support and May God bless you and your families always – now, let’s get to work!!

Donna Fore

Charlotte County Board of Supervisors

Aspen/Phenix District

APEX Grateful to Party Sponsors

I want to thank all the local businesses and individuals in Keysville and Charlotte Courthouse that sponsored our Halloween Bash at Apex Day Support.  We are touched by the community’s generosity and support of our participants at Apex Day Support.  Your kindness is what makes our community such a wonderful place to live!


Shellie McLean, the Village Drive In staff & generous customers

Nancy Jefferson at Village Antiques

The Scoop

Susie Hopkins and Village Arts and Crafts

Hair Depot staff

Larry Shook and NAPA Auto Parts

Butch Shook and generous customers at Keysville Hardware

Marie Harvey

Dollar General CCH staff

Steve and Angie at CareMed

Sue Mandrackie

Joanne Torrence

Tracy Conner

Marilyn Johnson

Lesley Ferranto

Debra Spencer and Tammy’s Styling Salon

Pino’s of Keysville

Keysville ABC Store

Badeaux’s Restaurant

Maryann Rosso

Bill and Bill’s Body Shop CCH

Wanda Evans Hudson and Strike Force Tires

Angela Harris

Lorene Wendelin, M.S. / MEd.

Apex Day Support Services, LLC.

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