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   Written by on May 19, 2016 at 11:06 am

Reader Appreciates Hevener’s Point

I just read an article in the Southside Messenger by Dr. Fillmer Hevener about the self-discipline of the unusual patriot Patrick Henry. Mr. Hevener’s article praises Patrick Henry for saying, “I think religion is of infinitely higher importance than politics.” Mr. Henry had the “highest regard for Jesus Christ.”

The article was about Patrick Henry’s practice of self-examination; he lived trying to practice his higher values.

In Patrick Henry’s speech “give me Liberty, or give me death!” he shows his faith as a Christian, becoming willing to die for his beliefs. He was a great leader, speaker and neighbor. Did you know that he moved to a 520-acre farm, Red Hill Plantation, in 1794, when he retired, and later died there in 1799 from an illness.

Good job, Mr. Hevener!

Jim Kohut

Keysville, Va.

Reader Warns Against Latest Obama Policy

The Obama administration is using financial coercion against every school in America to accept its definition of moral ethics. Every school in America must now allow transgender’s to use the bathroom of their choice or Federal funds will be denied. This presidential decree makes way for any/all male genitalia (including well endowed males) who thinks himself a woman, to be exposed to females (of every age) in a woman’s rest room!

Aside from this being an invasion to the privacy, security and respect due every (genuine) woman in a rest room, this presidential decree has opened the flood gates for every sexual predator to invade the sanctity of a woman’s rest room. Obama is holding every school in America hostage if they don’t allow free access to every man who is transgender (or worse) …. Every man who is pretending to be transgender!

I am not a woman but, I would think that every female across America would be shrieking with righteous indignation at this presidential decree and what far reaching criminal opportunities it opens up if obeyed. President Obama has invited the foxes into the hen house. If America likes this brand of government, I suggest voting for Hillary come November to continue policies of politically correct dictatorship!

Karl Schmidt

Farmville, Va.

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