Lady Statesmen Top Raiders to Remain Undefeated

   Written by on April 13, 2017 at 10:43 am

Helen Lin 2017 2On March 30, the Lady Statesmen traveled to Appomattox County High School to take on the Lady Raiders, former Courthouse Conference 37 rivals.

In an effort to remain undefeated, the Lady Statesmen dug deep to stay focused in a challenging environment and came out on top with an 8-1 win.

In singles competition #1 seed Meredith Feinman (RH) d Lauren Lawson (AC) 8-2,  #2 seed Couper Webb (RH)  d Emily Giuliano  (AC) 8-0, #3 seed Helen Lin (RH) d Mason Canada  (AC)  8-5, #4 seed Eliza Walker (RH) fell to Ilyana Servis  (AC) 1-8, #5 seed McKenzie Sharpe (RH) d Alexa Depalmer  (AC) 8-5 and #6 seed Annie Sandridge (RH) d Aynsley Williams  (AC) 8-2.

In the doubles matches #1 seed Feinman/Webb (RH) d Lawson/Canada  (AC) 8-0, #2 seed Lin/Walker (RH) d Servis/Giuliano  (AC) 8-2 and #3 seed Sharpe/Sandridge (RH) d Depalmer/Austin  (AC) 8-3.  In exhibition play #4 seed doubles Morgan Mason/Grace Algeier (RH) d Brooke Arbogast/Ferguson  (AC) 8-0, #5 seed doubles Grace Reyolds/Calynn Trent (RH) won 7-6 in a tiebreak and #6 seed doubles Haley Conwell/Kaley Moon were leading when their match was called.

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