Good Samaritans

   Written by on March 30, 2017 at 9:42 am

good samaritansTuesday night, a large oak tree fell across Hwy. 40 near Eureka Church. It blocked both lanes.  Local citizens stopped their cars and trucks and remove the limbs the and clear the road. Norman Hensley had a chain saw and was quite skilled at using it. He would cut portions of the tree and others would drag them off. KVFD and Virginia State Police arrived on the scene and with some help from a wench, the remaining trunk of the tree was removed, the road swept, and traffic moved. A special thanks to Mr. Hensley and all the citizens that stopped to help with the removal. As a small county, we may not be able to offer the amenities that larger places offer but we do offer a sense of community and caring. Those qualities are enduring and have been handed down for generations to those of us calling Charlotte County home. Submitted by Stephen Walker, Mayor, Charlotte Court House, Va.

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