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   Written by on September 18, 2014 at 2:26 pm

Are you finding that life is a bit more manageable now that you are taking the first step toward gentle parenting?  Have you found at least one or two ways to “slow down” your routine during each day?  Are you remembering to praise your youngster when she works with you?  Are you being patient with yourself as you work to make your changes become habit?  If you’ve not begun, it’s not too late to do so.

wee-notesI’ve been encouraged recently to learn that I have a young fan.  She is 13 and reads “wee Notes” faithfully.  Not only that, but she leaves the paper with the article facing up on her mom’s bed to be sure she sees it.  With a youth like that, it gives me hope for the future!  Thank you, Katie. The wee ones you care for at times are fortunate they have you in their little lives.

Are you prepared for emergencies?  Are all emergency phone numbers posted where they are instantly accessible?  Is your own telephone number and physical address included?  It can be hard to think in emergencies.  Does your preschooler have allergies?  Should she need an EpiPen, is it fresh?  Do you have an antihistamine on hand?  Do you have a basic first aid kit?  Have you thought what you will do should you have an unexpected incident with your wee one?  Review your contact information every few months and update as necessary.

How do you react when your little one whines or falls out in a horrid tantrum?  Do you remind yourself that you, too, have bad days?  A little person only knows how to be a child.  Have you noticed how often you may respond to your precious child in a childish way?  They learn from the adults in their lives how to become an adult.  Are you providing a good model?  You may benefit by repeating to yourself (several times!), “She’s the child; I’m the adult.  She IS the child; I AM the adult.”  Many times I said to a small child:  I know you are angry (frustrated, tired, hungry, etc.), so why don’t we figure out how to get those blocks together (but it isn’t okay to hit your friend, I help you get your hands washed so you can have a nap; get you a snack, etc.)

It often doesn’t take much to lift the spirits of someone feeling a little down.  Just as Katie does for me when she tells me how she feels about my columns, I hope you are encouraged by my articles.  I read an inspirational post today that I trust will speak to your heart and soul:  Dear God, I don’t know all of the challenges my friends have; but YOU know EVERYTHING.  I hear their silence; YOU hear their prayers.  I see their laughter; YOU see their tears.  I see when they give; YOU see what’s been taken from them.  I see their beautiful appearance; YOU see the scars in their soul.  I experience their faith; YOU know their doubts.  My prayer for them God is that YOU hear EVERY single prayer and MEET them at their need.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Have a splendid week parenting in a gentle way.  God is faithful and will help when we call on Him.

© 2014 Brenda Holland-Robinson

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