CCVRS Responds to Community Concerns

   Written by on July 24, 2014 at 11:10 am

The Charlotte County Volunteer Rescue Squad (CCVRS) would like to respond to questions that have been circulating throughout the community regarding the closure of our stations.  CCVRS has no plans to close any of our stations or to reduce coverage in any area of our county.  Our top priority is and always will be to provide quality emergency services to all areas of Charlotte County.  With the recent closure of the Brookneal Volunteer Rescue Squad, we are looking at several options on how to provide the best coverage and response times for our county.

We are also accepting applications for volunteers.  Anyone who is interested in helping the community by becoming a volunteer member of CCVRS, please contact us for an application. We will be offering an EMT class beginning September 9, 2014 through January 20, 2015 at Station 1 in Keysville. Classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding CCVRS or for more information on volunteering or enrolling in the EMT class, please contact Bill Mayhew, Captain, at 434-736-0087 or email  Thank you for your continued support of Charlotte County Rescue Squad.

Bill Mahew


What if John Wayne was President?

Many years ago, in the TBT, (time before television), we youngsters were sometimes allowed to go to the movies for entertainment.  There, we became acquainted with many cowboy heroes, but the greatest one was John Wayne.  Larger than life, he had a swagger that told lesser men to step aside.  He was always on the side of the oppressed.  He never looked for a fight but once in one he  never lost.  He was a natural leader, and he led from the front.

While reflecting on the sorry state of our nation’s leaders today, I wondered what the Duke would do if he were occupying the oval office.    For example:  if asked about our standing in the world today, the Duke might say:  “Pilgrim, 8 times in the last century, America has committed her soldiers to free captive nations from the yoke of tyranny and despotism.  We lost over a half-million of our best and brightest in those valiant conflicts.      Today, we have American troops deployed in substantial numbers in over 27 nations.  We give military aid to over 150 countries.    All these countries should be our grateful friends, but many are not.  Effective today, those countries that do not display their friendship toward us by voting with us in the U.N. will have their military and economic aid stopped.”

On the issue of illegal immigration, the Duke might say; “Hell, the answer is so simple, even I can understand it.  CLOSE THE DAMN BORDER from California to Texas.  President Eisenhower closed it in the ‘50s, and so can we.  We’re building walls  along 70 per cent of the border, and Federal troops will augment the Border Patrol so that there will be 25,000 people guarding our border.  People trying to enter the U.S. illegally will be warned back, and those using deadly force will be met with deadly force.  Additionally, every illegal alien apprehended entering the U.S. will be immediately returned to Mexico, regardless of their country of origin; Mexico will be billed 10 thousand dollars for each of them.  Those bills will be deducted from the 757 million dollars in economic aid we send to Mexico every year. As for the millions of illegals already here, all of them will be returned to their country of origin with the same cost to their countries.  This ain’t rocket science, folks.  This is our country.  We built it. Our sons and daughters fought and died for it.  People wanting to come here for a better life will enter through the legal process, or not at all.”

On the subject of radical Islam, the Duke might say, “When I was a youngster, I don’t remember ever seeing a single person in  Muslim costume.  When I am in Los Angeles today, it seems like every fourth person I see is wearing that get-up where all you can see of the woman is her face.  I’m told that there are between 4 and 7 million Muslims living here now.  It might surprise you to know that I learned a new word recently.   Where Christians are living in a mostly Muslim country like Iraq or Somalia, they are subjected to a condition called “dhimmitude.”    That means they are treated as second-class citizens, and sometimes made to pay a tax just because they’re not Muslims.    I think it’s only fair that Muslims living in our Christian country pay that tax too.  I’m asking the Congress to pass a law imposing a 25% tax on income for each and every Muslim living here, and those coming to visit will be required to pay a $10,000 dollar entrance fee.  Today, I’m declaring a moratorium on building Mosques.   Too many of these so-called “houses of worship”   are being used to teach young Muslims to hate the country they live in.  As for dealing with the radical Muslims,   I will treat them just like the cowboy characters I played in the movies would treat a crazed killer; give’em a chance to surrender, then feed ‘em hot lead.    Our intelligence folks know generally where these maniacs are located overseas, and I’m about ready to send a squadron of B-52s loaded with daisy cutters to those spots and send them all to meet Allah.  If some innocent civilians are caught in the blasts, I’ll apologize in advance, but remember that they murdered over 3.000 innocent civilians on 9/11 and thousands more since then.  A few trips like that and any that are left will be much less likely to cause trouble for us.”

When asked how he feels about presidents ignoring the constitution, the Duke might  opine; “I’ve read the constitution front to back countless times.  I think the men who wrote that document were among the most intelligent, thoughtful and far-thinking men ever to walk the earth.  They took the lessons of the European monarchies, and their oppression of  all classes of the people, and created a system that allowed citizens to elect their leaders, and to remove them when necessary.   The division of power between the 3 branches of government was a brilliant way to limit overreach, but after more than 230 years, power-hungry politicians have manages to blur the lines.   I’m going to make it clear to the Congress that we’ll be returning to the intent of the original document.  Congress will write the laws.   The President will sign or veto the laws.  Judges will  decide if the laws fall within the  limits of the  Constitution.   Most importantly, the President will not be able to change any law that Congress has passed and he has signed.”

Although he did not serve in the military ( he was 38, with four children in 1941),the Duke was always a champion of our military, and he spoke often about the gratitude he felt for growing up and prospering in such a great nation.  He was proud to be an American,  and he wasn’t afraid to say so.   Wouldn’t it be great to find a leader of his caliber to lead our nation today?

John Jamieson, Farmville

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