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Charlotte County Pageant Big Success

On Saturday, November 23, over 39 young ladies competed for the chance to represent Charlotte County as the 2014 Miss Charlotte County. The pageant was held in the Randolph-Henry High School auditorium and featured a special guest emcee for the evening, Blaire Borum. Borum is currently the reigning 2013 Miss Virginia United States and has been involved with pageants the majority of her life.

The Miss Charlotte County pageant is under the direction of Mrs. Alene Crews and choreography was provided by Mrs. Tamara Morris.

2014 Miss Charlotte County Pageant Results

Tiny Miss Charlotte County

  • Miss Photogenic- Emily Kelley
  • People’s Choice- MaKayla Seamster
  • Tiny Miss Babydoll- Emily Kelley
  • 5th Runner-Up- Savannah Birdsill
  • 4th Runner-Up-Emily Kelley
  • 3rd Runner-Up-MaKayla Seamster
  • 2nd Runner-Up-Kaylee Grace Pillow
  • 1st Runner-Up-Vivian Eason
  • 2014 Tiny Miss Charlotte County- Jamie Birdsill

Junior Miss Charlotte County

  • Miss Photogenic- Serenity Goode
  • People’s Choice- Autumn Marie Shook
  • Little Miss Sunshine- Lauren Chandler Wright
  • 3rd Runner-Up- Madison Harding
  • 2nd Runner-Up- Sierra Allen
  • 1st Runner-Up- Olivia Paige Powell
  • 2014 Junior Miss Charlotte County- Carleigh Paige Shook

Miss Central Middle School

  • Miss Photogenic- McKenzie Sharpe
  • People’s Choice- Cheyanne Marybeth Newcomb
  • Little Miss Sweetheart- McKenzie Sharpe
  • 3rd Runner-Up- McKenzie Sharpe
  • 2nd Runner-Up- Khusboo Schipper
  • 1st Runner-Up- Michaela Gayle Emilie Miller
  • 2014 Miss Central Middle School- Tori Washington

Miss Randolph-Henry

  • Miss Photogenic- Katie Paige Garnett
  • People’s Choice- Katie Paige Garnett
  • Miss Congeniality- Alanna Danielle Reid
  • Top Interview- Brittany Nichole Smith
  • 4th Runner-Up- Nichole Ayoe Brandt
  • 3rd Runner-Up- Katelyn Rhumaker
  • 2nd Runner-Up- Shelby Dunaway
  • 1st Runner-Up- Anaka Loren Gallimore
  • 2014 Miss Randolph-Henry- Katie Paige Garnett

Miss Charlotte County

  • Miss Photogenic- Brittany Nichole Smith
  • People’s Choice- Brittany Nichole Smith
  • 4th Runner-Up- Sallie Back
  • 3rd Runner-Up- Allison Tate Fears
  • 2nd Runner-Up-Jessica Lynn Ferguson
  • 1st Runner-Up- Alanna Danielle Reid
  • 2014 Miss Charlotte County- Brittany Nichole Smith

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