Words to the Wise

   Written by on February 27, 2015 at 1:03 pm

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every new mother routinely heard the father of that wee one say, “I’ve got the bedtime story, then you can nurse our little one to sleep.  Don’t worry about creating bad habits.  Breastfeeding isn’t a bad habit.  It’s just a biological norm that makes meeting nighttime needs a bit easier for mamas and babies.  You just follow your instincts.  I’ve got your back”.

logo-wee-notes“Nursing your baby to sleep doesn’t make you a human pacifier.  It won’t spoil your baby or set you up for sleep issues.  Nursing your baby to sleep is simply an effective, natural, and biologically logical way of making nighttime parenting easier for both mother and child.”

“Self-control doesn’t come from external controls, hence the word ‘self.’  It comes from an INternal guidance system that has been…

-modeled by a trusted adult

-equipped through adult interaction

-supported by adult guidance

-encouraged by an adult through trial and error

That is how the child becomes the adult.”

What is a life well lived?

To love freely and share joy.

To practice patience and self-control.

To show kindness and pursue peace.

To live our faith, see the good in our fellow humans, and walk gently on this lovely planet we share

That is a life well lived.

Our children do reflect our parenting, but that is not the end of the story.  They are individuals with their own thoughts and dreams and hopes and plans and preferences.  Growing them respectfully means living what we want them to learn while still honoring their individuality by not expecting them to simply be smaller versions of ourselves.  Therein lies the secret to a happily ever after story.”

–L.R. Knost author The Gentle Parent

“Young kids are rarely sorry.  Many haven’t even reached a stage of moral development to feel sorry yet.  Don’t force apologies.  Instead, help kids set things right by getting a tissue or an ice pack.  Learning to say “Sorry” lets kids off the hook, but saying “I won’t knock your bike over again” offers meaningful safety.  Model manners, but don’t demand them prematurely.”  –Heather Shumaker author It’s OK NOT to Share

The world is full of happy people.  If you can’t find one, BE ONE.


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