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   Written by on July 31, 2015 at 11:40 am

Prior to this, I wrote of the many, many federal regulations that this administration has heaped on Americans and American businesses by the Environmental Protection Agency alone.  Many may ask why this is important to me.  I am not in business and I am not planning on building a new house.  I need not worry about such things.  They are of little consequence to me.  Let me mention just a few that will without doubt affect you.

ruff-frankDominion Power had to lay out a plan based on the proposed new EPA regulations that Virginia’s power companies must attain in the near future.  The plan was released to the public earlier this month.  It calls for closing most of the coal fired power plants that Dominion operates.  This includes the one in Mecklenburg County.  This in spite of the fact that it is one of their newest coal plants and has a record of clean power.  This is a loss of jobs and a reduction of the county’s tax base by over $100 million dollars.

Another set of regulations seeks to reduce the fuel used by airline carriers.  One airline proposed reducing the amount that you carry on to the airplane.  That was quickly rejected when the public was made aware of the proposal.  What it may do is force the airlines to book fewer people on each flight while adding more flights.  This will only add to the problem, but it will allow the carriers to claim they have reduced the pollution on each trip as their net pollution rises.

New guidelines effecting trucks on American highways built after 2018 were released.  Those regulations will require all trucks manufactured after that date to reach certain levels of lower air pollution.  In theory, that sounds good. In reality it will not be as effective as

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