What do the Other 7,992,000 Virginians Think?

   Written by on September 14, 2017 at 10:35 am

Virginia is home to over eight million People. Of that eight million a few hundred supported by others from out of the area protested in Charlottesville.

Governor McAuliffe seems to think that the possibility of violence is a valid reason to take the constitutional rights of the majority away. You have to wonder if the minority was protesting in favor of “Planned Parenthood” or “DACA” or “Civil Rights” if he would have made the same decision.

Fortunately his predecessors took a different view. There were Civil Rights Protests that turned violent thanks to the counter protestors but the protests continued and ultimately benefitted Virginia and our nation.

This brings us to the rights and opinions of the few opposing the Civil War statues. Why should a small minority trump the rights of the majority?

What about the rights of the other seven million nine hundred ninety-two thousand Virginians?

You have to remember that unlike the causes of the Civil Rights Movement the statues do not infringe on anyone’s constitutional rights.  Your position on the statues is purely personal and purely an opinion. As such it has no more moral standing than someone’s opinion who opposes you.

As Patrick Henry has been credited with saying, “I disagree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

You have the right to oppose Civil War statues. I have the same right to defend them even if my defense is nothing more than “I like looking at them.”

Any decision regarding their removal should be made by the citizens of Virginia or the locality.  No one else should be involved.

In many cases the statues are not the issue. The issue as in most cases is about money and power for those involved. Have you ever considered just how condescending it is to protest on another person’s behalf unless you have been requested to do so by a majority of that group? What you are saying is, “I am protesting on behalf of the XYZ because they are too ignorant to protest for themselves.”

Of the eight million Virginians seven million nine hundred ninety-two thousand Virginians have not been polled – what do they think?

Every decision regarding a statue, a school name, a highway name or anything else should be decided by a referendum of those who are directly involved.

One percent of eight million is eighty thousand. One hundredth of one percent is 800.

In the Charlottesville protest on August 12 NBC news reported between 2000 and 6000 people attended.   Keeping in mind that many of the protestors and counter protestors were not from Virginia we can safely guess that less than one hundredth of one percent of Virginians were involved.

NFL games attract an average of 68,400 spectators. Charlottesville’s protest attracted a few thousand people.

A mostly imported crowd of a few thousand means nothing. Just because they were there and were noisy doesn’t mean a thing. Let’s be kind and assume there are 8000 Virginians who are vigorously protesting for and against Virginia’s Civil War statues. Now let’s remember that is one tenth of one percent of the total population.

Why should anyone listen to a small but noisy crowd?

What do the other seven million nine hundred ninety-two thousand Virginians think?

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