What About Cherry Jello?

   Written by on November 23, 2016 at 10:41 am

logo - stump countyHere at the imaginary Sneezeville Sentinel we have received several dozen comments sent to us via The Southside Messenger. It seems that some folks want to know what is going to happen to Cherry Jello now that he lost the election. Where did they get that idea that anything had to happen to him? Who said Cherry lost? Cherry Jello was and is an imaginary character just like the rest of us. Just because Cherry is a Democrap and the Democrats lost most of the elections doesn’t mean we voted him out in Stump County. We’ll have to add a Republicon politician but Cherry ain’t going nowhere.

As far as we can see, Stump County needs a liberal pinko politician just as much now as we did before the election so we can write about him.  Now it did happen that the liberal pinko politician that represented the rest of Southside Virginia was just voted out. Now we know why – he supported extending unemployment benefits to 99 weeks. It just happens that he can collect unemployment until he gets elected someplace else. After all, he moved to Southside just long enough before the election to qualify to run and the real folks tell me they expect him to jump ship now that he lost and that he will go back where he came from.

Now here’s an interesting thing about illiberal politicians and folks. They think it makes perfectly good sense to make the rich folks pay “their fair share” of taxes. They think rich folk’s “fair share” is half of what they make. Then they think they can pass some laws to keep rich folks from moving or closing their businesses or just hiding their money in mason jars in the back yard.

At the same time the illiberals can’t figure out a way to make po folks contribute. Some of the po folks are getting everything from the Gov’mit. They get food, housing, heat and electric. They get something called an earned income credit for taxes they haven’t paid. They can get free college educations and free books and free rides to school. They get everything from the Gov’mit but the Gov’mit and the illiberals can’t figure out a way to make them contribute. It seems to me that if you pay for everything they get that gives you a pretty big stick to encourage them to do what you think is best for them.

Then those illiberals turn around and think they can force a guy who has earned millions of bucks and can afford to hire lawyers and accountants and who can move to Sling Spit China or Bum Duck Egypt to pay their “fair” share when they already pay more than any of the rest of us.

You want to hear a giant sucking sound like that Ross Pierot feller was always talking about, just keep raising taxes on the rich and regulating their businesses and listen to the sucking sound of them moving out and taking their money and jobs with them.

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