We Need a Car in Stump County

   Written by on March 9, 2017 at 10:11 am

logo - stump countyHere in Stump County we still use wagons and buckboards and buggies and either walk or ride horses but we really need a car. I don’t know how we are going to get in here but we really need one. It doesn’t need to run or anything.  We just need one to burn.

Here in Stump County we have Democraps, Republicons and Librarians or whatever it is those two folks call themselves.

Keep in mind that although we are located in the good ol’ newnighted states of America and in the Commonwealth of Virginia we don’t get to vote on national or state issues. We didn’t get to vote for president last time but Yo Mama was still our president. We didn’t get to before that and President Shrub was still our President. We didn’t get to vote last year but President Chump is still our President.

In every presidential election Stump County has been divided just about right down the middle. In every election the winners bragged a bit and the losers groused a bit and life went on.  Lately we have been seeing a trend out there in the real world where the losers have a protest, wave signs, break windows and  burn a car.

Ya’ got to remember that most young folks are lib’rals. As dozens of old dead guys have said, “If you aren’t a liberal when you’re young, you have no heart, but if you aren’t a middle-aged conservative, you have no brain.”

We think that what has happened out there is this younger generation has always won. You gave them prizes for “participation”. You yet them vote on things they didn’t know enough to vote on. You let them rule the house and schools. They think they are special.

For a lot of them losing this election is the first time they have lost in their lives. They have to do something-anything- to repair their fractured little self-esteems.

Leroy gave them an old wagon to burn but that just didn’t do it. They wanted to break some windows but were told they would get an epic butt whippin’ iffen they did. So new we need a car for them to burn.

We’re not tryin’ to baby them we’re hopin’ they will learn just how useless mindless protest is and move on to that getting a brain thing.

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