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   Written by on July 20, 2017 at 9:47 am

logo- community news & viewsAs we venture out each day, do you ever think about things that happen to you for no apparent reason?  Just doing everyday tasks has become somewhat of a chore.

Let’s see:  why is it that the parking space you’ve spotted among all the other cars has a shopping cart in the middle when you zoom in to park?  Or, just when you see a close space that’s empty, another car drives in from nowhere and takes it.

Why does your coin purse or pocket usually have lots of change until the cash register indicates the amount needed in cents and all you have is paper money? Why is that?

When you go to the movies and the theater isn’t crowded, why does a six-foot guy come in and sit directly in front of you so you can’t see?  Why?  Or, the couple that came in to watch a movie and does nothing but talk through the entire thing! Why?

In grocery stores, do you always get the cart with the wobbly wheels that squeak a lot? We need to suggest that a little WD-40 would help tremendously.  And, why are the items you need located on the top shelf that only a Harlem Globetrotter can reach?

Why do top-name stores have 20 check-out registers with only two open at each end of the line, even during holiday seasons? Why?

Why is it when you’re running late that you get behind a car or truck with a driver who is sightseeing along the way?

Why does your eye doctor give you a new prescription for eyeglasses and send you to pick out new frames when your eyes are so dilated that you look like you just arrived from outer space and can’t see a thing?

Why does it rain when you finally have your vehicle washed and waxed?

Why does one’s face break out with blemishes just before an important occasion and is blemish free during ordinary days?

Why do department stores cram so many clothes on racks, making it impossible to pull one out or even separate them?

Why do we think we are getting a bargain even with a coupon that can’t be used on this item?

Why does your hose “kink” up when you are trying to water your flowers?

Enough of these “whys” and on to useful ideas for the week:

Use a bread tab to hold your spot on a roll of tape that has no cutter

When heating leftovers in a microwave, space the food out in a circle and it will heat more evenly

Use a staple remover to save your fingernails when trying to add things to your key ring

Use a spring from an old ballpoint pen to keep your charger cord from bending and breaking

Put a small amount of water in a glass and place in microwave as you reheat your pizza. This keeps the crust from getting too chewy.

If a green exit/street sign is above a street on the left, you will exit to the left.  If it’s on the right, your exit will be on the right.  This tip helps one to get into the correct lane ahead of time.

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