Water, Water Everywhere – Town of Charlotte Court House Facing Emergency

   Written by on October 26, 2017 at 12:42 pm

By Claudia Koch, Staff Writer

water main breakCHARLOTTE COURT HOUSE – Early Wednesday morning town office personnel were jolted by the news that Dominion Power, in the process of installing a new pole in front of the county administration building, had hit an eight-inch water line, creating a towering gusher of town water.

Dominion employees at the site stated that they had contacted Miss Utility before digging, but apparently the town water grid is not on Miss Utility’s list of sites to avoid.

A visit to the town office found veteran clerk Karen Price fielding phone call after phone call from citizens. Maintaining a professional tone with each one, Price explained the situation while planning how to handle the immediate situation. “We have called Chris (McCarty),” she said, “hoping he can help us.” McCarty worked for some years with the late Ed Stanley who knew every inch of the town water system. “We have found one valve, but need to find more. We need a comprehensive water (system) map.”

There is no comprehensive map of the town’s underground water system at this time. Over time, grass grows over access to valves and some have even been paved over by companies not informing the town office of their planned activities. Meanwhile, at the site of the accident, water was rushing down the gutter along LeGrande Avenue. Clerk Stephanie Price was onsite, along with councilman Dozer Watkins and supervisor Gary Walker.

“I am going to call the health department now,” stated Price. “It is possible that we will be put on a boil water restriction.”

Photo by Averett Jones

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