Veterans Day 2017

   Written by on November 10, 2017 at 11:07 am

logo- community news & viewsThis Saturday, November 11, 2017, all veterans will be honored for their service to our country with different programs held all over our nation to observe this special day.

Ash Rothlein, now 93 years old, continues to give back.  It was a promise he made to himself during World War II.  Shortly after his 20th birthday, he found himself on Omaha Beach and was greeted by a scene he never forgot.

These are his words:  “I have never forgotten those brave soldiers who died so that I could march in safety up that bluff.  That memory is seared into my head to this day.  It became the defining moment of my life’s path and purpose.  It mapped the challenges and opportunities I chose, and still seek, to carry out meaningful service to my country and to humanity.  I hope that my life’s endeavors have thus far adequately fulfilled that promise.”

This reporter has visited Normandy and cannot believe that anyone made it up to the top of those bluffs with guns firing down on them.  It was truly a miracle that any soldier made it out alive.

This past September, Rothlein made his way back to Normandy, over 73 years after he first landed.  It was a culmination of years of preparation, both mentally and physically, to march through the sands of Omaha beach and up the path he walked so many years before.  Steadied by family and friends, he rarely stopped, climbing the steep bluffs to reach the top where a crowd of visitors at the Normandy American Cemetery cheered his way as he ascended his destination.  He was the only WWII veteran at the cemetery that day.

This information comes from The Overlord Report, the newsletter I receive quarterly from the National D-Day Memorial Foundation.  I heartily support this foundation and urge you to visit the memorial in Bedford, Va.

For almost a century, the United States has set aside November 11th as a special day to honor those Americans who have served in uniform, the ones who have defended our rights and guaranteed our security through their valor, fidelity, and sacrifice.  One day can hardly be enough to express our gratitude but please take time this November 11th to pay tribute to our heroes.

Many of our veterans are now wearing caps that signify in which war era they served.  It is my privilege to see their smiles of surprise and gratitude when my husband or I personally thank them for their service.  Please don’t forget to do the same!

NEVER, EVER FORGET these brave men.  Thank a Veteran today.  You will touch a heart and they will touch yours!

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