To Be or Not To Be – It Should Not Be a Question

   Written by on October 1, 2015 at 11:50 am

logo- government grumblingsI just discovered I am guilty of yet another politically incorrect belief. I am guilty of “genderizing.”
Genderizing is my apparently mistaken belief that gender is a relatively stable situation. There is even a group that wants to make genderizing illegal. They propose that I be required by law to identify a person by the pronouns they decide regardless of history, gentalia or dress.
As I am such an unreasonable person, apparently a genderist, I think a person’s sex should be determined by the plumbing. That said, I also believe there are a few people who are mentally of one sex but have some or all of the plumbing of the other. In these cases I believe a correction is reasonable.
In a preemptive response to those who will write to say, “You are whatever sex you were born, period,” I will ask, “Why are there so many surgeries on newborns to correct defects or deformities?”
If my child was born with extra body parts I would have them removed. If my child was born with a cleft palate I would have it repaired. As I see it, if my daughter was born with a penis I would have it removed. No question about it.
I suspect millions of children have had corrective cosmetic surgery to correct perceived defects or deficiencies. This is no different.
The last man I spoke with kept insisting “You should be whatever God made you” and was pretty intense. I did notice he had had hair implants, his wife had had several cosmetic surgeries, colors her hair, shaves her legs and who knows what else. So much for “you should be whatever God made you.”
In short, I don’t care how you dress, what you call yourself, how you fix your hair and I particularly don’t care what plumbing equipment you have.
But when you start calling me names and start trying to make me legally responsible for your choices you are going too far. When you start demanding special laws and concessions you are going too far and when you demand that your choices and decisions surpass mine you are going too far.
Be what you were born or change it. Just don’t include me in the situation.
I’m going to start a campaign to remove George Washington from American history. If we are going to sanitize Southern history we need to start with George. George may be the “father of our Country” but like many fathers he has some flaws.
Old George drank a lot, he gambled, he womanized, he rebelled against his King, he mistreated his troops and he owned slaves. I won’t even mention that he probably lied about not lying. That ought to be enough to sanitize the history.
The first step will be to remove his picture from all publically owned buildings, effaces, books and documents especially those offensive dollar bills.
I am personally willing to accept all of the abuse that will come with having pictures of George in my possession. Send me all pictures you have of George (especially the ones on money) and I will take care of it for you.

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