The Sword of the Spirit

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logo-hevenerAs we know, there are many types of warfare.  Among them are: aerial warfare, amphibious warfare, biological warfare, chemical warfare, economic warfare, guerilla/terror warfare, and asymmetric warfare. In asymmetric warfare, one side has a decided advantage over the other side.  If the Christian, in his own strength, tries to counter Satan, the Christian is sure to lose.  This situation would be a perfect example of asymmetric warfare.

In Ephesians, Chapter 6, the Apostle Paul analyzes our warfare with Satan and tells us that the battle is not a physical battle involving flesh and blood, but a spiritual battle against the powers of darkness and Satan’s evil forces of the supernatural realm. First, Paul reminds us that the Lord is our strength. The writer continues by naming the defensive weapons that we need to protect ourselves from the darts (temptations) of Satan, who is the source of lies and eternal death.

The first instruction that he gives us is to gird ourselves with the belt of truth, a defensive weapon.  Yes, even though relativists tell us that there is no objective moral truth, we Christians know that God’s word is truth and is the standard of conduct for mankind. (John 17:17.)  As the book of Job shows us, only God is all-knowing and all-powerful; it is He who not only knows the end from the beginning, but, also, the One who know each of us individually. Yes, the hairs of our heads are numbered. (Luke 12:7.)

The next defensive weapon that we are to use is the breast-shield of righteousness.  What is righteousness?  It is doing right, and doing right is doing the will of God as it is presented in His Word, the Bible.

The next defensive weapon named is that of having our feet shod with readiness to serve God, wherever He leads us.  Verse 15 assures us that if we follow the pathway to which God points us, we shall find the precious gift of peace. The next defensive weapon named is the shield of faith, with which we are able to extinguish all of the fiery darts (temptations and error) of the Devil. What is faith? Simply put, faith is believing God’s promises and building our daily lives on those promises. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. (Hebrews 11:6.)

The Apostle Paul closes this passage by directing the Christian to take up an offensive weapon, the sword of the Spirit.  What is this weapon?  It is nothing short of the word of God, Who is the source of all energy, knowledge, and love for mankind.  These qualities He revealed through His Son, Jesus Christ, who came to this world being born of the virgin Mary; He lived the model life of perfection, died on the cross for our sins, arose on the third day, and, later, ascended to heaven where He sits at the right hand of the Father and serves as our High Priest and Mediator, offering His blood for the forgiveness of our confessed sins.

With these defensive weapons and the offensive weapon of God’s word, we are victors through Christ and the power of His Holy Spirit, which He left us at His ascension.  Study God’s word, for it is your offensive weapon against the fiery temptations of Satan.

Until next week, may God richly bless you and yours.

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