The Five-Second Rule

   Written by on September 29, 2016 at 9:12 am

logo- government grumblingsThe majority of us who are parents have invoked the five-second rule at some point. A child drops his cookie, “pick it up within five seconds and it will still be fine.”  Now, we’re not stupid and we love our children so we use some common sense.

If it falls in a pile of puppy poop the “five-second rule” doesn’t apply. Nor does it apply on a busy street or a public bathroom.

Last week there was “study” published regarding the five-second rule. The alleged researcher determined that the five-second rule isn’t factual. Did anyone really think it was?  He or she dropped food on carpets, vinyl, wood, and a host of other things. They used jelly, donuts and butter…

This is really sad. Someone out there actually thought the five-second rule was an actual rule.  Then they convinced someone, probably our government, to finance a study and then they proved what all people with a single cell of common sense already knew.  Is it any wonder our country is in trouble?

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