The Dream Became Reality

   Written by on April 6, 2017 at 9:16 am

Keysville Building Supply Celebrates 20 Years

Twenty years ago, Lacy Mylum and Ashley Myers took a huge chance by leaving their full-time jobs which they had held for a combined total of well over 40 years. The two men had the goal of opening their own company and “doing business the old fashioned way,” Mr. Myers shared. Keysville Building Supply opened for business in 1997. When it first opened, the supply store was on just three acres of land, had only one building, two trucks and a forklift. Twenty years later, the business has grown tremendously. Mr. Mylum and Mr. Myers found that in order to meet the needs of supply and demand, an additional three acres had to be purchased adjacent to the property for merchandise and equipment storage.

The business partners are very modest and take little credit for how successful Keysville Building Supply is and continues to become. Mr. Myers gives all of the success credit to the store patrons, describing them as “the very best customers around.” He went on to state that he “cannot always promise the lowest price, but will promise high quality and delivery of the purchase when it is promised, no later.” Another important part of the business’ achievements are the outstanding employees. Mr. Myers shared that the employees of Keysville Building Supply are the very foundation of the success that the business has become.

As our interview drew to a close, Mr. Myers told a quick story about two flour mills that were in the same small town. It seemed that every week, one of the flour mills was always doing extravagant things just to be noticed while the only way anyone even knew of the other flour mill still being in operation was to see the small advertisement that the owner placed in the local newspaper weekly. Time passed and eventually the flour mill that consistently celebrated its existence went out of business. The other flour mill was still in operation and continued to advertise in the same manner.  Mr. Myers shared that he and Mr. Mylum don’t make a lot of noise, but they are still grinding away! Happy Anniversary to Keysville Building Supply!

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