Supervisors Approve Permit for Dollar General

   Written by on March 16, 2017 at 9:21 am

By Crystal Vandegrift, Staff Writer

FARMVILLE – In a 6-2 vote, the Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors approved a special use permit that will allow a Dollar General Store to be built at the corner of Route 460 and Rice’s Depot Road in Rice.

Supervisors Pattie Cooper-Jones and Dr. Odessa Pride cast the only no votes.

During a public hearing before the vote, 19 citizens spoke in favor of the Dollar General while nine expressed their disapproval.

Last Month the Farmville Planning Commission also held a public hearing on the matter and nine citizens spoke. One spoke in favor while eight spoke against. Of the eight speaking against approval, four stated they were not against locating a Dollar General in the area but were against the proposed location due to safety concerns. The other four were against having a Dollar General type store being located in the area. In addition, a petition with 292 signatures supporting the approval of the special use permit was presented to the planning commission.

Since the Planning Commission meeting, the County has received another letter in support of the project with an additional four signatures, bringing the total to 296 citizens in support of the approval of the special use application.

Conditions of the approved special use permit for the Dollar General include:

• Developer must meet all VDOT traffic requirements which will include improving the right turn lane on US 460 into Rice’s Depot Road. Specifically, the developer will extend the right turn lane on US 460-Eastbound to match the dimensions of the eastbound left turn lane at that intersection, as part of the VDOT plan approval.

• Add a right turn taper at the commercial entrance onto Rice’s Depot Road, as part of the VDOT plan approval.

• Buffering of the neighboring residential properties with a six-foot fence and Leland Cyprus. Brick Veneer front with wainscoting on the front (on Rice’s Depot side).

• A monument sign, backlit with a fixed message and night friendly LED lighting for all other lighting.

•Operating hours be restricted to no more than 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

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