Spencer Steps Away as Kenbridge Town Attorney, Replacement Announced

   Written by on January 4, 2018 at 11:37 am

Spencer steps awayKENBRIDGE – Kenbridge Town Attorney Cal Spencer has been in that position for Kenbridge Town Council for almost two decades, but that long run will come to a close in January 2018.

Spencer announced during the December meeting of the KTC that he had enjoyed working with the town for the last 17 years but his practice and case load have increased so much, that his schedule does not allow the time the town needs from him.

He also thanked Council members for allowing him to work for the town and praised them for the work they have done through the years.

He will continue to work on some projects and items that have begun under his watch, but the Council members made a motion to appoint Tessie Bacon as the new Kenbridge Town Attorney.

Kenbridge Town Manager Robyn Fowler stated, “I have enjoyed working with Cal and he has been very helpful to me with town business.”

Kenbridge Mayor Emory Hodges stated, “Cal and I have served the town about the same length of time, 17 years I think.   He has been the person that has advised me the most over my years of service.  He has been the biggest proponent of the town that I have known since I have been the mayor and he often seems more like a council member than the town attorney.  His countless hours of service have benefited our town ten-fold.  He will be greatly missed and hard to replace.”

He continued, “Cal has brought in Tessie Barnes Bacon, from his law firm to represent us, who has strong local ties to our community both from the Barnes and Bacon families. She has considerable experience in representing other localities in Southside Virginia and has represented me personally in several real estate transactions and I know first-hand that she is extremely capable. I am certain she will do an outstanding job as town attorney and I look forward to working with her.  We are very fortunate to have benefited from Cal’s service and if we have to lose him I cannot think of a better replacement. Kenbridge will continue to be represented by high quality people.”

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