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   Written by on January 25, 2018 at 11:36 am

For 18 months Kay Pierantoni, now a member of the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors, has been insisting she “presented a petition” to the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors demanding, in addition to other things, the board change its meeting time.

As no one was allowed to see the petition including the board it was “presented to.” We were skeptical.

Following her election to the Board of Supervisors we presented a FOIA request. The county responded stating they did not have the document requested. Pierantoni responded stating “she read a petition to the board” and as such it was not subject to FOIA as a presented petition would have been.

Pierantoni has been claiming over 800 citizens and taxpayers signed her petition. We were skeptical because having lived in Charlotte County we found it hard to believe it is possible to find 800 “citizens and taxpayers” who agree on anything much less a three-part petition.

We were also skeptical because we did not and do not believe there are 800 “citizens and taxpayers” in Charlotte County who would sign a petition yet be afraid to have it publically presented to the board due to “fear of retribution.”  If there are actually 800 “citizens and taxpayers” who are afraid of the board, isn’t it possible and probable that they are also afraid of the people circulating the petition?

We also find it difficult to believe 800 citizens and tax payers care what time the board holds meetings.

Although the board voted against Pierantoni’s motion to change the meeting time she continues to campaign publically for a change in the board meeting times.

Having attended both daytime and evening meetings I have not observed any difference in attendance.

Each year some people campaign to have the meeting time changed. Every time it has been changed they have not attended more than one or two times.

Evening meetings have failed many times due to lack of response.

In response to this historical fact I was told “times have changed.”  This apparently means that although evening meetings have failed multiple times in the past it will be different this time. This time the people who claim they will attend night meetings aren’t lying.  This time since “times have changed” they will attend.

On the other side, I have talked with several dozen people who stated,  “I would never attend an evening meeting because:” I can’t drive at night, I have an appointment with my easy chair or television or a six pack or wife or kids or some other reason.

I would like to propose the following petition:

We the people of Charlotte County, in order to counteract the failure of our fellow citizens who in the past promised to attend evening board meetings if the time were changed, and failed to honor their commitment, commit to the following:

We the undersigned citizens or taxpayers of Charlotte County cannot attend daytime meetings and commit to attending all Charlotte County board meetings in 2018 if they are held in the evenings. 

We agree to attend in bad weather and to continue to attend even if the meetings are boring.

We agree to have our attendance documented and our failure to honor our commitment made public.

Name and address of citizen or taxpayer


Signed _______________________

Printed signature ___________________

Please sign and return to the Southside Messenger, PO Box 849, Keysville, Virginia 23947

And we will present them to the Board of Supervisors on your behalf. 

NOTE: Names will be publicized but contact information will not.

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