School Officials Honor Staff, Success Heading Into New Year

   Written by on August 17, 2017 at 10:29 am

School officials 1LUNENBURG – Lunenburg County Public Schools is starting the 2017-18 year and at their recent convocation event, school board members and LCPS Superintendent Charles Berkley changed the format from years past and focused the day to be an appreciation for school personnel.

School Board Member Amy McClure addressed the school staff and stated, “Know that every moment matters and I truly appreciate you all.”

Another School Board Representative Doug Aubel, said that there are always issues to work through such as funding, but stated, “We don’t need an us versus them mentality and working together and communicating is key.”

School Board Chairman Barry Carnes also praised the efforts and results from school staff and stated, “We all truly appreciate every one of you and look to have another great year.”

LCPS Superintendent Charles Berkley addressed the school personnel and stated, “I hope you all like the changes we made to this event and know that you are making a difference.”

He continued, “I know it wasn’t easy, but thank you for the work you did last year.”

Mr. Berkley also noted that the improvements in all of the schools has been tremendous and that even VDOE officials had been impressed with the achievements this past year.

The overall reaction of the teachers was very positive with many taking to social media to thank the school officials for not only the structure of the convocation event, but also for the fact that it was geared toward showing great appreciation for the work that they are doing in Lunenburg.

Mr. Berkley also offered the following statement regarding the upcoming year

“The start of a fresh school year is just a few short days away and in Lunenburg we are excited and thrilled to invite you to learn more about the work we are doing and what we have planned for the upcoming year. As a district, we have a lot to look forward to and be proud of going into the new school year. With all the hard work, efforts, and dedication from last year’s staff, we are seeing that a positive impact occurred with three out of four schools being accredited according to preliminary accounts from VDOE. We improved in nearly all areas in SOL testing due to the fact that our staff dedicated themselves to ensure that every effort was made for each student to be successful.

We cherish the relationships that we have with all of our students, their immediate and extended families, and our residents/community. We are transforming the district into an excellent learning environment for all students grades Pre-K- 12. Of course, our goal is to make certain students are prepared for college and careers throughout their educational journey. We believe that academics, arts, athletics, attitude, and accountability are most important and the keys to success. We believe all students deserve a quality learning opportunity that maximizes their full potential!!! We believe all children can learn and be successful! We care about each and every student and show it by lending our best service as educators with increased student achievement for all students as our number one priority.

We will continue to work diligently with our instructional staff, building leaders to make a difference in the lives of all our children in Lunenburg County. Our students are really showing progress, and we will continue to push for even better results throughout the school year 2017-2018.”

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