School Board Offers Contract, Applauds Strides Made Under Superintendent

   Written by on July 6, 2017 at 9:49 am

School Board offersThe Lunenburg County School Board held their year-end meeting last week at Central High School and announced that LCPS Superintendent Charles Berkley had been offered and signed a four-year contract to remain in that position with the schools.

School Board Chairman Barry Carnes applauded the work done by Mr. Berkley and the teachers, staff, parents and students in the recent years. He noted that there had been some changes that had taken place and tough budget work and negotiation. He stated, “We have been through difficult times financially and managed to make terrific strides through that , so it is working.”

School Board member Amy McClure said that at times a superintendent may come in and be afraid to make work with the school board and suggest changes or take a stand on certain issues. She stated, “Mr. Berkley has seen things that needed to be done and been willing to help make those changes. I have seen a ton of improvement. He has done a remarkable job.”

School Board member Elizabeth Williams echoed those sentiments and thanked Mr. Berkley for the work he had done along with all of the school staff. She noted that the results have been positive in many areas and the relationship with the community has continued to grow as well.

The school board members all voted unanimously to approve the offering of this new contract and Mr. Berkley was joined by Chairman Carnes and Vice Chairman Kathy Coffee during a swearing in ceremony at Lunenburg Court House.

Mr. Berkley said that he appreciated the confidence shown in him by the board members and was pleased with the strides and advancements that have taken place and are planned for the future. He thanked all of the school board members, teachers, staff, administrators, students and community for their help and support of the schools. He also said that “having great people” around him has been tremendous and a big part of the strides made.

Lunenburg Schools have gotten positive early results in the SOL testing this year with most of the schools expected to be accredited, additional plans have been outlined to continue that progress.

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