Saving Clarkton Bridge Again

   Written by on November 17, 2017 at 10:43 am

bridgeThe historic Clarkton Bridge will likely be history unless a group called “We the people of Virginia” take ownership.  In the Charlotte County Board meeting Tuesday the board passed a resolution in support of the group receiving ownership of the structure from VDOT. The group would accept all responsibility and liability for the bridge at no expense to the county.

Clarkton bridge was closed in 1998 and scheduled by VDOT for demolition.  The Clarkton Bridge Alliance was formed to raise money and save the bridge.  The structure was repaired and reopened in 2005 as a pedestrian-only structure.  Since that time the bridge has continued to deteriorate.

In a 2010 inspection of the bridge, VDOT determined it needed further evaluation and closed off Clarkton Bridge to pedestrian access.

According to VDOT, renovating the existing bridge would cost 10.6 million dollars. Replacing it for pedestrian travel only would cost 6 million and replacing it for vehicular traffic 7 million.

Jack Dunnavant, spokesman for We the people of Virginia said the group can restore the bridge for much less than 10.6 million.

In addition to Charlotte’s Board supporting the group, Halifax’s Board made a similar show of support for transferring the structure to private ownership.

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