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A nearby university conducted an experiment using a set of reverse lens glasses. The wearer put them on and suddenly found his visual world turned upside down. The subject wore the lenses for a week, then was subjected to a battery of psychological tests.

word-Stephen Crotts“What impressed me most,” he said, “was how quickly I adjusted.”

We live in a world that is increasingly turned topsy turvy. A mother’s love is turned upside down with abortion. Marriage vows of “’til death do us part” are upended for “’til something better comes along.” Real love relationships are rolled over into pornographic fantasy. A man decrying sin is called an uneducated bigot.  And homosexual acts are viewed as natural.

The Bible has some firm things to say about this.  Jesus, in Matthew 25, said, “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be…” at the second coming, and God’s judgment.  If you read the story of Noah and God’s flood judgment of earth, you’ll see that “men’s minds were continually evil.”

Scripture teaches God is holy. His essence is just, right, and immutable in character, and He has made us for fellowship with Himself. He expects us to live within the natural laws He has set and He will judge us if we do not.

The Bible tells us there are three steps of falling away from His standards. One is doing wrong. Two is doing wrong and encouraging others to join us. Three is doing wrong, encouraging others to join in, and seeing nothing wrong with it.

The third stage the Bible calls being a reprobate.

Historians reflect that it can take five generations to build up a moral society to its golden age. Likewise, it can take five generations to sink to the very depths of a reprobate society of sinful squalor, calling good what God calls evil.

Many theologians, and I am one, believe we today are entering the third generation of rejection of Christ, of God’s law, of His natural order.

Read the news headlines. Abortion, murder, rape, divorce, unnatural sex, lust, shamelessness, rejection of common sense, calling God’s prophets bigots, seeing wisdom as stupidity… and on and on and on.

It’s as if we as a society are wearing reverse lens glasses. And how quickly we have adjusted.

I assure you, God exists. He sees. And as in the days of Noah, so now He cares and He will judge us.

Ah, but here is good news. The good Lord is more eager to forgive us than He is to punish us. He calls us to repent, to turn from ourselves and sin, to face Him, to confess our rebellious and sinful deeds, to ask for mercy and the chance to begin again in faith unto Christ.

History is full of people who have done just that. Whole societies. Myriads of individuals…Emperor Constantine, Augustine of Hippo, Patrick of Ireland, John Huss of Prague, Luther, Bach, Rembrandt, T.S. Eliot, Mother Teresa, me…

And you? What about you?

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