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   Written by on August 21, 2015 at 10:21 am

Currently, between the Democrats and Republicans, there are twenty-two candidates running for President.  As Mrs. Clinton’s integrity and scandals continue to be a factor, three others may step forward to seek the Democrat nomination.  The names circulating are Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Kerry, and former Mayor of New York Bloomberg.

ruff-frankOn March 1, you will have a voice as to who you believe should be elected.  Some will be out of the race by the time we will have a vote.  There will still be plenty to choose from, however.

To help wade through the process for my consideration, I have grouped candidates into various categories.  My categories are as follows:  governors, legislators, and business people.  The governors group, which includes governors and former governors, includes Jeb Bush, Lincoln Chafee, Chris Christie, Jim Gilmore, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, John Kasich, Martin O’Malley, George Pataki, Rick Perry, Scott Walker, and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Those in the legislators’ category include Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, John Kerry, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Bernie Sanders, Rick Santorum, and Jim Webb.  Those in the business category include Ben Carson, Carli Fiorina, and Donald Trump.

Like all of us, each has their own strengths and weaknesses.  Each has their own life experiences that have helped develop their views of the world.  Below I will share my thoughts.

Business People

I agree with many positions they have taken, however, I have concerns.  They have seldom had to face the challenges of a campaign.  Being in the spotlight is one thing, but having to answer tough questions with a camera in your face is quite another.  A simple facial expression can affect how the public perceives a candidate.  Making decisions with an agreeable Board of Directors is much easier than finding common ground with those who may have different goals or interests.


Those running have generally proven themselves able to work within the system ably.  This can be both a positive and a negative.  Quite often in Washington they are used to a slow deliberative pace that can take years to accomplish things that the public believes important.  They can speak with authority on subjects, but orating on issues is not a substitute for action.


Governors are far better prepared to move into the White House.  They have proven themselves electable.  Most have served the maximum number of terms available to them.  They have learned how to get things accomplished and how to work with the various segments of that state’s population and economy.  They have a track record of most positions they have taken.

I am evaluating two things.  The first is – Do I agree with their values and perspectives of the role of government and where they want to lead?  The second is – What is their track record in the state they managed (or in Bloomberg’s case – city)?  Did they successfully lead in directing an environment for job creation?  Did they successfully balance growth with spending in order to hold down tax rates?

In my decision making process, I have narrowed the field of twenty five to five; any of which I would gladly support at this time.  I will watch and listen as they campaign around the nation; listening for consistency as they reach different groups.

I encourage you to establish your own elimination process and hope you will share with me your finalists.

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