PECo. Students Chosen for All District Band

   Written by on January 25, 2018 at 11:46 am

District BandOn Saturday, January 13th the Eagle Band attended All-District auditions. Students named below are now accepted to participate in the district event on Feb 2-3. Front row: Rebekah Godfrey- 24th Chair Clarinet, Symphonic; Hannah Roldan- 3rd Alternate Alto Saxophone; Kathryn Trent- 11th Chair Clarinet, Concert; Amber Maliangos- 24th Chair Clarinet, Concert; Natalie Cheyne- 14th Chair Clarinet, Symphonic; Ms. Crouch. Back row: Abigail Swanson- 18th Chair Clarinet, Symphonic; Katrina Carrera-5th Clarinet Alternate; Samuel Godfrey- 1st Chair Percussion, Concert; Ian Lower- 7th Chair Percussion, Concert; Damon Sawyer- 2nd Alternate Tenor Saxophone; Benjamin Roberts- 2nd Chair Trumpet, Symphonic. Not pictured: Tabitha Hall- 7th Chair Flute, Concert; Ronny Carricato- 1st Chair French Horn, Junior Concert Band

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