Pamplin Area Library Supporters Host 5th Annual Art Show, Bake Sale and Chili Cook-Off

   Written by on November 20, 2014 at 1:07 pm

photo 3On Saturday, November 15 the Pamplin Area Library Supporters held their 5th annual art show, bake sale and chili cook-off at the Pamplin Depot.  According to Betsy Lookofsky, “The chili cook-off and art show has always been a fund-raiser to help with needs of the library.”

Unfortunately, the Pamplin branch of the Appomattox Public Library will be closing in December due to lack of interest and use by the Pamplin community.  “Since the Pamplin library is closing, we are planning to use the proceeds to help fund the needs of the Pamplin Depot, which is a historic building and used as a community center, a dance floor, a lecture hall and other community activities,” said Lookofsky.

This year’s chili cook-off event included four entries with their own special twist.  However, William Venable’s spicy vegetarian chili took first place and Mike Costain received second place for his unique preparation. In addition to tasting some delicious local chili recipes, desserts including brownies, cookies and cakes were available in case anyone developed a sweet tooth.

A huge part of the event was indeed the Art Show and Sale, which featured local artists displaying their custom work.  According to Wendy Richardson, there were 10 vendors present at Saturday’s event.  Artwork featured “paintings in a variety of media, prints, calligraphy, photography, crafts, wreaths, dolls and stuffed animals in hand-made crocheted doll clothes.”

“Our entries in both the art show and the chili cook-off were lower than in years past, and attendance at the event was also down,” said Lookofsky. “We are not sure if that is due to loss of interest due to the closing of our local library branch or to other activities on the same day. Regardless, everyone who did attend enjoyed tasting the chili and admiring the talent of our local artists.”

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