P.E. County Fire Depts. Receive Funds

   Written by on July 13, 2017 at 9:30 am

By Crystal Vandegrift, Staff Writer

FARMVILLE – Prince Edward County’s Fiscal Year 2017 budget has been amended to appropriate funds to the county’s four volunteer fire departments.

According to the County Administrator’s office the balance of the the Virginia Fire Program Funds Aid to Localities for 2017 in the amount of $4,917 was received.

This amount will now be divided among Darlington Heights, Hampden-Sydney, Prospect and Rice Volunteer Fire Departments, giving each $1,229.25.

The Virginia Fire Programs Fund is derived from one percent of fire-related insurance coverage. Approximately 75 percent of the total fund goes directly to counties, cities and incorporated towns within the Commonwealth as Aid to Localities (ATL). This aid provides Virginia cities, towns and counties with funds to pay for training, construction of training centers, fire fighting equipment and protective clothing.

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