Newest addition at LMS a result of schools, county and local businesses working together

   Written by on March 24, 2016 at 10:22 am

LUNENBURG – Container First Services officials visited Lunenburg in January of this year in order to present their annual contribution of $50,000 to various organizations within the Lunenburg community for public education/public safety purposes.

P--Newest addition at LMS 1Several of the donations by the company this year were given to Lunenburg County Public Schools for the purchase of new playground equipment and to Lunenburg Middle School for the purchase of a new softball scoreboard.

With the new scoreboard purchased and community businesses pitching in to set and place the newest addition, the project was completed this week. Lewis Welding and Construction Works, along with Southside Electric Cooperative, once again offered their services and donated equipment, skilled employees and time to complete the project on Monday.

The CFS donation was for $10,000 and the new scoreboard is a great upgrade and object of pride for the students while the location offers an attractive and noticeable sign for the school as well.

LCPS Superintendent Charles Berkley said that the school system was appreciative of the donation from CFS and all of the help and volunteer work done by SEC and Lewis Welding. He stated, “This is another nice addition to our school.”

Lunenburg Board of Supervisors member Wayne Hoover stated, “This is a great upgrade for the girls on the softball team and the school overall.” He continued on to note that the donation from CFS as well as the volunteer work from SEC and Lewis Welding shows the great partnership between the schools, county and local businesses.

CFS took over the Lunenburg landfill in February 2013, and since that time, the company has grown and even brought a trucking business to the county. On top of the host agreement with CFS and the new businesses in the county, landfill committee members Bob Zava and Alvester Edmonds, along with Lunenburg County Attorney Frank Rennie, came to an agreement with the company that CFS makes an annual contribution of $50,000 within the Lunenburg community for public education/public safety purposes.  CFS President Rob Guidry stated, “This money is set aside and designated for certain things we feel strongly about that include public education, public safety and education or help for kids in the community.”

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