New Tailwaggers Coming Soon

   Written by on August 17, 2017 at 10:00 am

By Claudia Koch, Staff Writer

IMG_2602KEYSVILLE – There have been rumors and speculation and even more questions about Tailwaggers Thrift Store in Keysville ever since its closing this spring. Having become an institution in the area, many people depended on being able to shop there for all manner of clothing, books, and household items. Soon the waiting will be over.

The Tailwaggers building on Railroad Avenue is undergoing a massive renovation. Mr. Jim Snow has taken on the task of bringing the old edifice up to code, with many improvements along the way. Mr. Snow is a member of the SPCA Board of Directors as well as the assistant treasurer; he is the Field of Dreams coordinator and the Tailwaggers coordinator. As if that isn’t enough hats for him to wear, he has donned a couple more as he is working as painter, carpenter, and construction remodeler at Tailwaggers. In short, he’s wearing the hat of miracle worker.

The building was completely emptied to facilitate the remodeling. A new roof has been installed, along with new heating and cooling systems. Walls have been bared of shelves and racks, and one has lost its plaster to expose the beautiful old brick. New flooring is on the list of things to do, as well as the installation of many more overhead light fixtures. No longer will shoppers be in the dark about their purchases.

Perhaps the most exciting change of all will be the opening of a new sales area in the back of the building, heretofore closed off from the public. The additional floor space will add approximately 1620 square feet to display merchandise.

Susan Estes, the new store manager, has been busy as well, drawing plans for merchandise display and a book nook, and buying new racks for clothing. Mr. Snow is also benefitting from the assistance of Mrs. Snow, Marty and Linda Cobert, and Rick and Brenda Koziana, who have all pitched in to keep things moving along. Their donated time and labor are what keeps Tailwaggers going as proceeds from the store go directly to feed and care for the animals housed in the SPCA facilities.

The Tailwaggers building was erected in 1903, with additions in the 1950’s and 1964. It has housed at least three different business ventures, a funeral parlor and a bar and a furniture store. Now as a thrift store it will continue to contribute to the economic well-being of the town of Keysville and surrounding areas.

Plans are for the store to resume accepting donations in mid-September, with a target opening date of October 1. Patrons should be sure to look for three new signs on the front of the store, displaying a new Tailwaggers logo, designed, produced and donated by the art department at Longwood University.

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