New Charlotte County Courthouse

   Written by on October 27, 2016 at 9:55 am

court-house-update-1028Project Administration:

Skanska was on site Monday and Tuesday to observe work in progress. Revised drawings have

been submitted to DEQ for approval. We received drawings for construction this week.

Submittals are being reviewed and returned. Skanska sent comments on schedule and Subcontractor list to Glave & Holmes.

Construction Update:

Dunavant Engineering has continued filling site parking lot so that utilities can be installed.

Hurt and Profit is on site testing soil compaction of fill material. Next week Dunavant will continue grading and filling of site. Blair will have Surveyor layout new location of utilities surveyed next week so electrical and data conduit install can begin. Blair is expecting deliveries of conduit and possibly sewer manholes next week.

Key Action Items:

• Receive approval of revised site plan from DEQ.

Submittals and Closeout Items:

  Blair is continuing to send Submittals for approval. Glave and Holmes have been reviewing and returning submittals.

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