Messenger Editor is an (expletive deleted)

   Written by on February 8, 2018 at 12:43 pm

Each year in their organizational meeting the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors sets the time and date for the meetings for the following year.  Each year a small group believes the date and time should be changed to “increase attendance.”  It often is.

Board meetings have been held on multiple dates and times.

This year the date was set for the second Tuesday of the month at 1:30 p.m.

As usual a small group objected to the time. As usual the objection was based on the premise that the time was inconvenient for many people and attendance would be greater if the time were changed. Regardless of the date and time selected some people are unhappy.

Historically when the meeting time is changed to 1:30 attendance is higher but let’s not let facts interfere.

Two weeks ago I (somewhat tongue in cheek) offered a challenge to those who want the time changed. In addition to being accused of being an (expletive deleted) I was informed by many people some variation of the following:

“I am not planning on attending a board meeting. I may never attend a board meeting BUT I want it held at a time that I can attend if I ever decide to attend.”

I just can’t comment on that statement.

Instead I’ll give a personal example.  A few times each year my siblings and our spouses get together for a sibling dinner.  The time and date are chosen by negotiation and discussion. This year my wife cannot attend on the weekend chosen.  In fact, none of the options chosen by my sibs was really convenient for me but I didn’t join the discussion because the weekend that was good for them wasn’t a good choice for me.  There was a good chance I would not be able to attend at all that weekend.

It seemed to me that those who were definitely going to be able to attend should pick the time and date and the restaurant.  They did and I am trying to rearrange my schedule so I can attend also.

NOW there could have been another scenario.  The Sibs all like Mexican food. I do not. Even though I may not be able to attend I could have insisted the restaurant not be Mexican.  I could have insisted on the time and date that would have been most convenient for me if I decided to attend.  Believing the time, date and place should be set by those committing to attend, I did not offer any input.

Had I insisted everything be arranged for MY convenience even though I may not attend, my siblings and you might say, “Averett is being a selfish (expletive deleted).  And they would be right.

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