Lunenburg Jury Finds Davis Guilty – Sentenced to 25 Years Active Prison Term

   Written by on April 20, 2017 at 9:32 am

Lunenburg jury findsLUNENBURG – A Lunenburg County jury returned two guilty verdicts this past Tuesday in the case involving the death of 16-month-old Aja Cofield. Mario Davis was the child’s stepfather and was charged in June 2016 following an incident that led to her death.

The jury returned convictions for felony homicide and felony child abuse, both of which were the charges that Lunenburg County Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Clement had pursued in this case.

Mr. Clement had moved to nol pross the First Degree Murder charge and the Aggravated Malicious Bodily Injury charge.  He stated, “The facts of the situation supported the two charges I elected to prosecute in the trial.”

The convictions came with an active sentence in prison of 25 years.

The incident originally took place on Thursday, June 9, 2016 at 513 Lunenburg Ave., Victoria, Va. about 4:30 p.m.

Davis, the 27-year-old step-father of the child, called 911 and reported that the child had fallen down the stairs of the home and was unresponsive when the Victoria Rescue Squad arrived.  She was taken to Community Memorial Hospital in South Hill, but quickly airlifted to VCU Medical Center in Richmond. She was kept alive on life support until Saturday, June 11th.

After receiving medical opinions from the treating physicians, lead investigator A.A. Bruneau obtained a warrant for the arrest of Davis on Friday, June 10.  Davis was detained at the hospital before the child’s death on Saturday, June 11th and transported back to Lunenburg. Davis was the only adult in the residence at the time of the incident, and the medical opinion was that the injuries to the child were not consistent with a fall down the stairway, but consistent with abusive head trauma.

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