Long Lost Wedding Band Found – “It was God-ment.”

   Written by on August 25, 2017 at 11:28 am

Submitted by Gerry Pettus

ring foundKEYSVILLE – While cleaning the kitchen at Ash Camp Baptist Church recently, Gerry Pettus uncovered a long-lost treasure.

Down to the last drawer, which was filled with dish towels, Gerry took out the last towel and discovered a gold band. Thinking to herself “this doesn’t look like a toy ring,” she examined it more closely and discerned an inscription inside the ring but could only make out the initial “J.” She hadn’t heard of anyone who had lost a man’s wedding band, so she took the ring home and cleaned it. Inside the band she saw this inscription: “Rosalie to J.H. 6-17-1956.” She immediately knew the ring belonged to J.H. Goude of Drakes Branch, a member of Ash Camp Baptist Church.

“I knew in my heart that I couldn’t give this news to J.H. on the phone,” Gerry said. Instead, she called a neighbor of his, told him the story and asked him to meet her at his home when she told J.H. that she had found his ring. “I didn’t want to be alone,” she said. “I was afraid he might faint.”

It was a beautiful, sweet story as tears fell from J.H.’s eyes as he told them his dear “Rosie” had put the ring on his finger 61 years ago, June 17, 1956, their wedding day. And now it was back on his finger.

Rosie went to heaven 15 years ago, the day before his ring was found. “I thank God for putting me in this place at this time. I have never been part of such a sweet, wonderful story. No one knows exactly how the ring got in that drawer; I am so grateful I found it. I received a beautiful card from J.H. and he wrote, ‘Thank you so much. This was God-ment.’”

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