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The Charlottesville Tragedy

To fully understand the social disaster that befell the nation at Charlottesville, all personal biases should be recognized and admitted in order to make a sound judgment.  For most, this is difficult; for many, impossible.  While it is true that the blame for the ‘disaster’ should be shared, if not equally, then among all the forces that were engaged.  There were more than two.  Also into the deduction one must include a number of cultural realities, the omission of which prevents rational judgment.  Here are four realities that need be noted:

One, in any free society there will always be kooks, dissidents, individuals with ‘off the wall’ ideas.  In our multi-cultural society, they can be perceived as evil, stupid, bothersome, even dangerous.  The Neo-Nazis and KKK fall into this category, but so too are those ideologues and zealots who are so enraged to the contrary and feel so strongly against the Neo-Nazis (Anti-Fa’).  They may react foolishly and sometimes violently in protest.

Two, the First Amendment to our Constitution guarantees the right of these people to express opinions, assemble for support, print propaganda, and demonstrate publicly.  We just have to learn to live with them by just ignoring them.

Three, there will always be those of sufficient educational ignorance or deliberate rejection of any opinion not in agreement with their closed-minded opinion of reality. They rely on “Group-think” to form their opinions.

Four, the issue that brought not two but six groups together was the proposed removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee.

 Initially, group one were those who peacefully protested the removal of the statue and received a permit from the government.  They see those Civil War heroes not as racists and bigots, or symbols of slavery, but as Confederates who exhibited high ideals of duty, honor, and country in a time of crisis.

Group two was the KKK and Neo-Nazis saw it as an opportunity to express support for those whites who oppose what they perceive as growing black aggression against white history.  They came willing and able to oppose any group who would try to counter the demonstration.

A third group was there to peacefully anti-protest and too often without a historical understanding. They see any aspect of remembrance of the Confederacy as a celebration of slavery and racism. (They should be reminded that Robert E. Lee never owned a slave while the illustrious U.S. Grant did.)

Like group two, a fourth group of liberal zealots and ideologues that, like the Neo-Nazis, came willing and able to oppose any group who would try to counter their alt-right demonstration.  One television picture showed a masked black man carrying a club to the protest.  One of the news reports interviewed one of the anti-protesters absurdly calling Lee a monster.

A fifth group is the government of Charlottesville. It may wash its hands of responsibility by claiming that a court supported the issuance of a permit.  True, but surely they should have known that such an issuance would involve dissidents.  The permit should have been issued only with the assurance that law enforcement could guarantee security.

A sixth group, both during and after the fact, was the so-called media, both liberal and conservative.  They showed their less than objective biases by politicizing the event and allowing a local problem to become a national problem and even blaming our elected president. Those who would support the president’s failure feed into the analogy of thoughtless passengers on an airplane hoping the pilot fails.

  Terrible things transpired in Charlottesville culminating in the death of an innocent young woman.  Living in a democracy is not easy.  Citizens must think for themselves, but this requires reflection, tolerance, and, most importantly, understanding.  Let’s not be too quick to blame those ‘other’ persons.

Dave Torrence

Meherrin, Va.

Monuments…Amount to Grave Markers

With each passing day, the spot where Heather Heyer was killed in Charlottesville collects flowers and offers of condolences of every kind. That piece of ground has become sacred, like a shrine, grave marker or Holy ground. In time I’m sure something more permanent will be put there to bring attention that a good person gave their life on that spot for something she believed in.

I’m sure that spot will be looked after and defended against anyone who would dare desecrate it or in any way show
contempt or disrespect. Monuments to the fallen can spark deep emotions. Like when Confederate monuments that represent hundreds of thousands of lives that were given for causes they believed in! When anyone from the government on down wants to move or destroy a Confederate monument, it’s showing utter contempt to countless thousands of Americans who died for what they belied in … just like Heather.

Monuments of the Civil War amount to grave markers. A lasting salute to the fallen. Sacred ground as dear and precious as the spot where Heather died! Anyone who advocates or actually takes part in removing these monuments are desecrating a grave marker (with contempt) evoking high emotions… The same kind of emotions that would arise if anyone dare defiled the spot where Heather died!

Karl Schmidt

Farmville, Va.

Save Southern Heritage

President Trump was right the first time about the Charlottesville rioters; he condemned both sides. Let me add a third guilty party—the Charlottesville City Council, who voted to remove the Robert E. Lee statue after it stood for nearly a century without controversy. Congratulations fellows; you can now pass on to your citizens millions of dollars in personal injury lawsuits.  Left-wing violence by Antifa, the “antifascist” league that is pretty darn fascist, will always, tragically, provoke right wing extremist violence.

But what about Robert E. Lee?  Was he really a fascist and a racist? To the contrary, Lee represents that rarest of public men. He was a Christian gentleman who stated, “Let us pray for our nation. Let us pray for those who have never known Jesus Christ and redeeming love, for moral forces everywhere, for our national leaders. Let prayer be our passion. Let prayer be our practice.” The removal of Lee’s statue, like ISIS destruction of Buddhist monuments in Afghanistan, is a repudiation of America’s Christian heritage and exhibits a lack of respect for more than 70 million Americans descended from Confederate soldiers.

Richard T. Hines, President

     Save Southern Heritage

9-11 Ceremony to be Held in Farmville

Sixteen years ago on September 11, 2001 terrorists attacked the United States.  Nearly 3,000 men, women and children died.  On this solemn day, America is remembering the lives lost.  Jack Garland American Legion Auxiliary Post #32 would like to invite area residents to join them beginning at 11: 00 a.m. on September 11, 2017 for our first annual 9/11 National Remembering and Honoring event.

The ceremony will take place at the Farmville Fire Department, 1000 West 3rd Street, Farmville, Virginia with opening ceremonies by Thomas Hardy Graham, VFW Post #7059 Commander Fred Hill.  Other guest speakers include Col. Janice Johnson (USA, Retired), and CW5 William Halevy (USA, Retired).

 Multiple organizations are participating at this event as we honor our military families and first and second responders.  Music will be provided.  Members of the VFW Post #7059 and American Legion Post#32 will parade the colors and post flags. CSM Clifton White (Retired, ARNG) will dedicate our ceremony and a ceremonial bell will be rung by Farmville Fire Department to remember each of the three sites that were attacked on 9/11. Farmville Fire Department will have two fire engines displaying an American flag in remembrance.

Please plan to join us for this important ceremony.  The ceremony will last approximately one hour.  Immediately following the ceremony all first responders and active duty service members will be served lunch.   Anyone individual or organization who would like  participate are encouraged to contact Sarah Dunn at farmvillealpost@aol.com.

Very Respectfully,

Sarah Maddox
(Former Army)

American Legion,
Post#32 VSO

(434) 213-3661

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