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   Written by on May 4, 2017 at 9:58 am

Employ Locally First

Our local newspaper keeps publishing front page news about job creation in Farmville. Their spin on economic development and the town officials photo ops is muted by the fact most all of these jobs are minimum wage.

The town has no business recruiting for companies that will bring good wage jobs to our community. Prince Edward County is locked into making business recruiting a clerical position looking for taxpayer money.

There is no business plan or vision for the growth of Farmville or P.E. County. Just officials collecting their paychecks, looking for taxpayer money to spend, and reacting to business created by LU and HSC. The businesses created are bars, restaurants and hotels.

Buildings are still boarded up downtown and “The Road to Nowhere” in the county is just sitting there collecting trash.

So, let’s fill the jobs with interns from LU and HSC. They would do an excellent job at no costs to taxpayers.

Randal Phillips, Farmville

Driver Who Hit
Dog Gutless

Saturday, April 22nd, someone hit and killed a hunting dog at 3300 Sylvan Hill Road in Saxe, Va. The person didn’t have the decency to stop and get her out of the road so other vehicles wouldn’t run over her. They also didn’t have guts enough to let the owner know they had hit her and he was only a few feet away. She had a collar on so they could tell who she belonged to.

Hope their conscience bothered them a little bit.

Oh, I forgot – they don’t have one.

And thank you to the man who let the owner know about his dog.

Merle Smith, Saxe

Gun Owners Need
a Heads Up

A 71-year-old man was arrested in New Jersey for suspicion of buying illegal drugs. Driving down a street, not in the best part of town, could get you in a real mess. Perhaps you are on your way through, trying to find a bar, visiting friends or a pawn shop.

He had just found a pawn shop and had in the car a 300-year-old flintlock pistol. The N.J. law did not exclude guns older than 1893 which seems to be the antique agreed-upon date. The earliest powder-using guns date to about 1450.

Unless it was a .50 caliber, repeating shot, it is harmless.

Explain it all to the court. You might want to read a book that every thinking person or gun owner should have. It is “Right to Carry” by Gottlieb and can be acquired in days from 800-426-4302 for $15, postpaid.

Or you can not know what is going on and drive through Maryland or New Jersey and get jailed.

Terry Miller


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