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   Written by on February 27, 2015 at 12:43 pm

Adam’s Acceptance Speech

It is with mixed emotions that I accept a position in another locality but look forward to participating in the successes of the growth and development of Appomattox County.   I extend my sincere appreciation to the leadership and citizens of Charlotte County for their support and guidance for the past 25 years whether it was during my tenure with the Health Department, Social Services or the County Administration departments.  I am blessed to have the foundation of a loving, caring family, a community that is supportive, and a work history where values were developed through mentors and employers who believed in my ability and challenged it to a limit beyond my expectations.  These relationships, values, achievements and educational opportunities to learn are the crucial elements that form us.

I feel blessed, also, to have played an intricate part of the development and growth that is occurring in Charlotte County.  It is an exciting time for the County in that the new companies will be creating good jobs for the area citizens impacting the local economy’s tax base, the existing companies are growing, the Town of Keysville is being revitalized, the educational system (local schools and community college) is under new and innovative leadership, and the County operations are functioning under a strong leadership and staff.

My husband’s, children’s and parents’ encouragement, support and patience enabled me and enables me to achieve these attainable goals and for that I am grateful. As a neighbor to Charlotte County, it is encouraging to know that I will be in a position to continue collaboration with the County that I grew up in and hold dear to my heart.

Susan M. Adams, Deputy County Administrator, 

Economic Development Associate, Charlotte County

Vaccines – Do They Work or Not?

This is a question for those who are smarter than I am because I just don’t get it.  As I understand it, a vaccine is an injection of a small dose of a version of the microbe that causes the disease which is suppose to cause the body’s natural immune system to be able to fight the disease if exposed to it and thereby not get the disease.   Now understanding that, if your child gets the vaccine and is now immune to the disease, what difference would it make if my child did not have the vaccine and contracted the disease if your child is immune? Now let’s say your child contracts the disease he was vaccinated for, doesn’t that mean that the vaccine doesn’t work, and if it doesn’t work, then who’s to say that your child, who was actually injected with a form of the disease, didn’t bring it to my child who was not exposed to the disease at all until your child? ~ B. Strom, Cullen

Is President a Bigger Threat Than ISIS?

Recently, we have heard many calls for our “strategy” to defeat ISIS. Sadly, I must point out that while ISIS is a brutal and savage entity that poses serious consequences to all   non-Islamic religious faiths, America’s greatest danger lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC.

ISIS tortures, burns, and beheads individuals for various reasons but our POTUS has been beheading America for six years! He issues Executive Orders that are barely legal, if at all! He tolerated, and perhaps even encouraged the IRS in their illegal activities against conservative organizations seeking tax-exempt status. He has decimated our military and has been “outmaneuvered” by Mr. Putin at every turn.

He supports an Atty. Gen. that fails to support the Constitution that he swore to uphold and defend. An Atty. Gen. that should have known about the guns supplied in the “Fast and Furious” debacle. He has, as his “go to guy on race relations,” perhaps the biggest race baiter in the country today who, by the way, is alleged to owe an enormous tax debt.   I understand that the latest out of the White House is: Conservative, Right-Wing Groups are more dangerous than ISIS! Can anyone believe this?

He could not spare the time to join with other leaders of the world in Europe and their show of solidarity against terrorism but he can find time to play golf often! Attending the funeral of the King of Saudi Arabia was right and proper but should he not have attended the funeral of an American hero in Texas?

I can understand the lack of a detailed strategy to defeat ISIS on his part because no one else has such a strategy either. But now they trot out this female spokesperson for the State Department suggesting that all they need is jobs and they will change their murderous behavior. How ridiculous can we get? And how insulting this is to those many thousands of Americans that are still looking for jobs! I thought Hillary was about as bad as one can get as the Secretary of State in the debacle at Benghazi and should have been dismissed for dereliction of duty and even possibly tried for Treason because of her “what difference does it make” attitude, but if this is John Kerry’s rationale, then he is worse!

When Mr. Obama was elected president I hoped that he would be the best president in many years. Sadly he is still a “community organizer” with no clue about what a President should be. His “selfies” say it all.   I can understand “wishful thinking people” voting for him once but if you voted for him the second time, shame on you! Now we all have to live with this mess!

My admonition is simply this: Fear  ISIS and prepare to be a Warrior for Christ but  fear Washington, DC   more   and   PRAY!

Furman Joye, Prospect, Va.

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