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   Written by on April 27, 2017 at 10:04 am

Equality Only for Some

The FOX News icon Bill O’Reilly has lost his job based on seemingly valid claims of sexual harassment. Left leaning programs like “The View” and Stephen Colbert can hardly contain themselves “dancing on the grave” of Bill O’Reilly’s deceased broadcast! The National Organization of Women have been foaming at the mouth with righteous indignation over the accusations leveled at O’Reilly by a number of women. The media as a whole have been up in arms over this story.

O’Reilly accusers stated that their “cleavage” and other physical characteristics were commented on which begs the question that if these features had not been on public display, O’Reilly more than likely would not of made mention about them! Even so (and as a general consensus), men who prey on women in the work place (or any place) should be dealt with appropriately…. as is the case here with O’Reilly.

Just the same, where was the outcry from the “Left” when Bill Clinton’s sexual predatory conduct came to light? Where was the lynch mob mentality from the National Organization of Women back then? Why does Bill Clinton enjoy Rock-Star status among women today after his behavior toward women hasn’t been equaled and certainly not surpassed by current transgressors! To the casual observer, it appears only those from the “Right” are held to high moral standards and are swiftly punished when found in violation. Certified sexual predators from the “Left,” however, are admired, held in high esteem and go on to attain celebrity status!

 Karl Schmidt

Farmville, Va.  23901

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