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   Written by on February 16, 2017 at 11:04 am

Counties Should Step in on Pit Bull Issue

I commend author Averett Jones on the piece published 2-9-2017, ‘Growling about Dogs’, but it seems he has answered his own question – is it the dog or the owner?

Obviously, the dog ‘Buster’ is owned by what one would consider a ‘good’ owner – the dog is social, well trained and not allowed to run loose.

The vast majority, if not ALL the pit bull type dogs involved in serious injury or fatalities were either running loose (not a sign of a responsible owner), or left alone with a small child without adult supervision (again, not an indication of a responsible owner or parent!).

Yes, something needs to be done. Counties must provide severe and immediate penalties for owners that allow ANY dog to run at large, but perhaps double that for owners of dogs weighing over 30 lbs and Animal Control employees to sweep the areas on random times/days to enforce those regulations.  If your community houses more ‘pit bull’ type dogs than Labradors, or Poodles, so be it – strict licensing and fining will eliminate those owners who will not abide by the law – bet they are not abiding a bunch of other laws either!

Thank you for your time

Kathryn Smith

New Bern NC

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