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   Written by on January 19, 2017 at 2:56 pm

U.S. Should Have Better Defenses Against Hackers

I don’t believe the outcome of this past presidential election is all that difficult to figure out. Basically 40% of our country votes Republican and 40% vote Democrat no matter what. That voting bloc/base is loyal to their respective party … even if one candidate should be openly abrasive and the other a career criminal! The 20% of undecided voters always determines who gets elected … and who’s votes candidates fight over the most.

 Hillary Clinton looked sure to win the election until (Russian) hackers of the DNC did what the liberal media would not. That being to dig for the unsavory truths of Hillary Clinton and present those facts to the American public. These embarrassing/revealing truths on Hillary had no impact on that 40% for and against Hillary.  Those votes are locked. Perhaps Russian hackers can evolve into investigative journalists some day? We certainly have none here in America!

 Without question, the info about Hillary from Russian hackers/Wiki leaks turned the (prolonged) advantage against Hillary. The “log” that broke the camel’s back for Hillary came when FBI director James Comey reopened the e mail case/scandal just prior to the election. These factors played a huge part to sway that undecided 20% and snatched defeat for Hillary from the jaws of victory!

 I find it amusing (and silly) that political leaders from both parties want to impose sanctions on Russia for what they did. I hear no talk of how to prevent hacking altogether but, to just punish Russia for doing it and hope sanctions will deter hacking in the future. If Russia has devised ways to hack into our politics (among other things), that should be a wake-up call for the United States. Sanctions against Russia is like shooting at the fox AFTER he grabbed the chicken! We need thicker wire on the coup to keep the fox out to start with!

 Karl Schmidt

Farmville, Va.

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