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   Written by on December 1, 2016 at 12:26 pm

Just Passing Through

I grew up in Baltimore, what most of my Southern friends call Yankee Land.  Actually, according to history, nothing could be farther from historical truth.  The first shots of the Civil War were fired in the streets of Baltimore.  Be that as it may, my Rebel friends call me a Yankee even though I moved back to my parents’ birthplace-Virginia.  Now up North, Robin Red Breasts were the first sign of spring, and they remained to start their families all summer long.  There was scarcely a telephone pole cross member or nook in the eves of buildings that didn’t support a nest.  They were the only flash of native color in the city.  The only other birds in untold numbers were the imported English Sparrows, Starlings, and European Rock Doves (pigeons); not the most charming of birddom.

 But here in Southside Virginia, Robins are rarely if ever seen in the summer months.  But just two days ago, my yard has been invaded by a flock of nearly one hundred Robins.  While my yard has been visited by any number of colorful birds at my bird feeder all summer long, our Dogwood trees have matured and produced their autumn berries which seemed to take priority over my well-intentioned commercial birdseed.  My lawn has turned nearly red with fallen berries.  The Robins are in the process of cleaning up.  I’m sure that after the last morsel is consumed, the Robins, like rich Yankees, will continue their journey to spend winter in Florida.  They are just passing through, but I will enjoy them while they’re here.  Thank heaven for our state tree!

David Torrence

Meherrin, Va.

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